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With only a few exceptions the majority of our office-based staff have worked together for many years

With only a few exceptions the majority of our office-based staff have worked together for many years. This has enabled the company to carefully nurture and fine tune the strengths of the individual to form what is now regarded as one of the most experienced and skilled management teams in the area. Each department engineer has not only the support of his colleagues in the other sections and the backup of his line manager and engineering director, but also a similar sized structure to call upon if needed in our other regional office. We recognise the needs and demands placed upon our office based engineering support and as such have one of the lowest ratios of engineer to operative. Not only does this enable us to respond more rapidly to client requests but also to enhance site productivity and efficiency.

Similar to our office staff, we have worked for many years with our site-based operatives, recognising their strengths and weaknesses and accordingly placing their varied skills to the best advantage. The company’s policy of finding the work to match the labour force, rather than the usual “hire and fire” tactics of the industry, has resulted in a more loyal and stable workforce. In turn this gives the client the comfort of the “known face”, removes the learning curve, aids continuity and improves all round efficiency. We are proud of this position and benefit from what is probably one of the lowest turnovers of staff a company could hope for.

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Quartz have completed the Mechanical & Electrical services for Teesside University – Orion Building refurbishment works. The refurbished building has been transformed with cutting edge
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We are pleased to announce that we have secured several M&E projects within the North East of England for 2019.  

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